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Project Overview: This project was meant to demonstrate the concept of a relational database. I had just started reading about them and thought it would help me better understand the main idea of related tables. I originally meant to "simulate" in a very simple, toy-like way the linking by somehow using several collections of different classes to represent populated tables and having members of one or two of those object classes refer to other "sub" objects, thereby "linking" them. But when I learned about the Java DB (derby) already included with java and after practicing running some SQL statements through netbeans UI I thought my original idea seemed redundant and my goal changed to the practical one of connecting to derby, creating a db, and running SQL on object members, all in a java application. This is still stumping me at the time of this writing.


I don't know. late to the tech game, i guess. AI will probably code better than 1000 programmers by the time i get out of school for this stuff.

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