Rediscovering The World Wide Web

Computer information technology appetizer for visitors to CCAC

Enjoy a byte of computer information systems technology by creating a basic web page in HTML about a person you admire.

If you don't finish during our time slot, continue your creation process during a computer-related degree or certificate program at CCAC.

Admire a person in just three easy steps:

Step 1: Setup your W3 Schools HTML Editor with a template site

Click this link to open a HTML editor in a new tab

Step 2: Replace the template content with your own content

Replace the text, links, and images with those that relate to your admired person.

Use an Internet image search to find images of your admired person. Once you have found an image, right click that image, select "copy link address" and paste it in between the " " marks in the HTML page

Tinker with the colors by changing the color names in the sections marked as style. Use the W3 Schools color page to find pretty colors

Step 3: Post a link to your admired person's webpage you created

  1. Open our shared google document for posting your link
  2. Create an entry (a row) in the table inside the google doc describing your admired person
  3. Save your w3Schools editor page by clicking the menu icon in the upper left corner (next to the home icon). Click the green save button in the little window that pops up. Right click the link that appears and select "copy link address"

    Select "save code"

    save code

    Select "Save"

    save code

    Select "Copy link location"

    save code
  4. Transfer the link to your w3schools page to the text you wrote in the "link to admirer" column by selecting the text you want to link, right clicking it, selecting "link", and pasting pressing Control + V for paste into the link box. post code
  5. Check out other pages of admired persons and edit them as you wish

Continue Building your website and much more during a CCAC Computer-Related Degree or Certificate

The Community College of Allegheny County STEM Programs offers a wide variety of computer-system-related degrees and certificates which support your skill development in a variety of fields (not just computer-related fields!).

You can read more about the career outlook, compensation averages, and educational norms among employed professionals from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics portal.