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CIT-129: Python 2 Session Guides

Course Schedule and Lesson Guides

Please treat each week's guide as gold--it is your path through this course, week-by-week. If you have any questions, please call the technologyrediscovery.net shop at 412.894.3020.

I can also receive emails at edarsow@ccac.edu but programming questions can most effectively be answered over the phone or during office hours.

Week 2: Tuesday 6 Feb - Monday 12 Feb

Data structures and file management


Learning Objectives

  1. Generate code that can interact with Lists and Dictionaries in a structured and anticipated way
  2. Write code to read in a CSV file and ouput data to a similar data structure for processing

Lesson Sequence

  1. We're going to create a shared applicaiton for reading and writing data of a defined structures.
  2. Choose a set of information that we want to organize into data structures and generate basic statis and prints