Computer & Internet Fundamentals: Mini Course

Explore the fundamentals concepts driving modern computing and Internet connectivity

Session 1: Computer Essentials

Session 2: Internet Basics

Session 1: Learning Objectives


Locate and compare essential computer component specifications: processor, memory, OS, non-volatile storage


Use an operating system's process manager to assess a program's resource use and kill processes


Traverse and manipulate files in a file system



Module Links

Session 2: Internet Basics Learning Objectives

  1. Objective 0: Differentiate between The Internet and the World Wide Web
  2. Objective 1: Identify the roles of a sever, client, and web browser
  3. Objective 2: Demonstrate the use of IP addresses and Domain Name Resolution
  4. Objective 3: Manipulate the styling and content of elements on a web page using a browser's developer tools
  5. Objective 4: Write SIMPLE html and render the markup in a browser
  6. Objective 5: Discuss the risks associated with HTTP versus HTTPS traffic


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