Create a replica of a GUI as seen in an interesting fil

GUIs from Movies

To practice interacting with the Java GUI API, this project invites students to create a model of a graphical user interface as shown in a film of their choosing. The advantage to GUIs in films is they are often rather simple, as they were often created just for a shot or two and don't have extensive functionality.

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Create a MOCK graphic user interface that represents as best you can the windows, buttons, and frames shown in the actual film.


Study the film

  1. Locate a movie clip of your choosing and freez frame the actual GUI view. Copy and paste the image into a document editor. Annotate the GUI with the name of the film, the scene from which the GUI was drawn, and a brief description of what the GUI is doing in the film.
  2. Sketch out on paper the GUI components that you will try to replicate. Include frames, buttons, images, icons, etc.


Setup your frame

Using chapter 12 of the Liang-9, create a single class that instantiates, configures, and positions your GUI components.


  • Use at least one JFrame and one LayoutManager
  • At least 2 JBotton objects
  • At least 2 JLabel objects
  • At least 1 subclass of JTextComponent
  • At least 1 ImageIcon object
  • Instantiate Font and Color


Your GUI doesn't need to "do" anything for this project to be complete. Your goal is to learn how to instantiate, configure, and arrange GUI components. We'll use your GUI as we learn more about event-driven programming and ActionListeners.

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Sample film GUIs

from: Independence Day

movie gui movie gui movie gui

from: Mission Impossible I

movie gui movie gui movie gui

from: SourceCode

movie gui

from: Contact

movie gui movie gui movie gui movie gui

from: Speed 2

movie gui movie gui

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