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iObjectives: Command line interface (CLI) skills
iResources: The Bourne Again Shell (BASH)
iExercises: Command line interface (CLI)
iObjectives: Setting up git
iResources: git essentials

Objective group FUND: Command line interface fundamentals

Objective group Objective ID Objective text
FUND: Command line interface (CLI) fundamentals CLI.FUND.1 Differentiate between the unix BASH, Microsoft Corporation's command prompt, and the apple terminal in terms of origins, function, use, and proprietary status
CLI.FUND.2 Navigate a diredctory structure with cd, ls, tab completions, and the use of the files named . and ..
CLI.FUND.3 Maniuplate files and directories safetly with mkdir, mv, rm, and cp
CLI.FUND.4 Parse file access permissions info as displayed by ls -al and safely issue commands with superuser powers via sudo

command line resources

Expedition to the Bourne-Again Shell (BASH)

Computers inhabit a land of deliberate, specific sentences with unambiguous meaning. Speaking to a computer through a shell (aka terminal or command line interface) requires that we adopt these language patterns. Explore this process with activities built on the creative work of students in CCAC's Computer Fundamentals course in the West Hills.

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Objective group SETUP: Creating your initial repository

Objective group Objective ID Objective text
GIT.SETUP: Setting up your github GIT.SETUP.1 Create a repository with an online github server host such as github.com or gitlab
GIT.SETUP.2 Clone a hosted respository to more than one local machine and access the files
GIT.SETUP.3 Add files to a local repository, commit those files, and push the commit to a remote


Workflow for creating a github account

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