Think first; code second! Check out our sample class diagram created in real-time during class on 12-APR'21 with the application for google drive
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Cit-111 Fundamentals Project

bookProject Requirements


The purpose is to demonstrate the use of a well-structure Java class containing both member variables and member methods to model a real-world process, object, game, etc.

design your class

Create a class diagram containing the member variables of appropriate types and member methods that operate on those member variables. You'll also include a main method which acts as our program's front door.

Eric recommends using / google drive app for creating your diagram. To install the tool, log into a google account, navigate to then click new >> more >> connect more apps >> search for >> install. If you're using this tool, export the diagram as an image by navigating to File >> export as >> jpeg or png >> choose "download" and save file to a known location on your disk.

Upload your class diagram to your github repo and include a link in our master tracker

Check out the sample we made during class on Monday, 12-APR'21 related to a student's interest in the game series Skyrim

Check out our Blackjack sample class diagram on Loretta's GitHub and the associated half-baked .java source file.

code your class diagram in Java

Using your class diagram, create your actual class in Netbeans and build out your individual methods and their operations on your class's member variables.

Check out our sample java class BlacJack (sic) written during class with Lily et al on Git

create user interface

Make sure the user can access your methods and see their operation on your member variables using simple command line inputs read in with the Scanner class we know and love dearly.

comment and share

Comment your code, especially note where you drew from other folks' code, such as past peer projects, help from stack overflow or other online resources, help from books, etc.

Upload a copy of your .java file to your github account and post a URL to both your code and any supporting diagrams in our master tracker spreadsheet's tab called "FundamentalsProject"