Astronauts explore another galaxy in the film Interstellar
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Solving problems with Search


This module explores the use of tree data structures for solving problems that involve searching the tree for problem states that satisfy a goal-test() function

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list Exercise 1: Vacuum world

This example is drawn from Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Russell and Norvig (Pearson, ed.3, 2015)

vacuum world states vacuum world explanation

list Exercise 2: Interstellar problem definition


Use the following link to access the shared google doc for interstellar problem definition.

google doc link

Group-work procedure

  1. Navigate in the google doc to your group number's section
  2. Introduce yourselves and share a personal connection to 'searching' or exploring
  3. Determine a notational form for defining problem states, the team's initial state, available actions, the goal test, and path cost

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