your instructor's first teaching gig was elementary chemistry, and these are the legacy erlenmeyer flasks from melda scientific in 2998-2005 ish in Rochester, MN adapted for computer programming concept images!
data structures index > mod 1: arrays, lists, maps, & trees

Core data structures: Arrays, Lists, Maps, & Trees


Combinations of these four data structures form the organizational backbone for many software components. Explore the essential features of each in their respective sub-page. Then apply your knowledge in exercise 1 by generating diagrams of data structures that reflect how data inside various electronic devices and software samples might be organized. Exercise two invites you to scour your physical surroundings, work, and digital traversals for your own examples of items and processes that are ripe for structuring with these essential storage building blocks.

This module was designed as an introductory content container and activity set for CIT-245: Data structures and programming C++ taught at the Community College of Allegheny County


list Lists

The vector class in the std library meets most of our listing needs. First, explore what the vector can do for us by referencing its official GCC documentation




Map sample code

map access libstdc++ documentation for maps



run_circleExercise 1: Diagram that data structure!

Artifact 1: Audio Mixer

Artifact 2: Car stereo

Artifact 3: Bookshelf

Video examples directory

Artifact 4: Hardware organization

run_circleExercise 2: Scavenging data structures