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This is a companion document to our course module menu which presents the content projects for this course. Use the links in this toolbox as referenced in the module guides.

Find a tool for your every course need in the list below. Questions? Please call the CIT-100 help line at 412.894.3020 or email your instructor: ericdarsow@ccac.edu.

Course-wide links:


Course Calendar

All the core dates between now and the end of Spring 2018 are presented with the appropriate links in the calendar expandable below.

flow chart for java if and while statements

Course sequence flow chart

This online course has been a work in progress throughout the term. The following image conveys the phases of the course and highlights the key due dates for the remainder of the term within the figure.

flow chart for java if and while statements

Universal work submission guide

For all module mini-projects, final project proposals, and final projects

Preparing your work for sharing involves a few steps that should be followed closely. Not only does the process offer you good practice in file manipulation, correctly uploading and logging your files allows other CCAC students now and in the future to benefit from your work.

This process is exactly the same for all module mini projects and final project related files. One you get the swing, you can use the quick links directly and don't need to work through the steps.

Submission Quick Links:

Filename Structure: [term]_[section]_[fname]_[special#]_[module]_[title].[ext]

Example: sp18_online_loretta_9999_bidLilkeAPro_cabinetJob.ods

flow chart for java if and while statements

Final project proposal guide

Due Date: Friday, 4 May (anytime)

Bring together your learning from the entire course in the design of a final project that focuses on a set of skills or tools you have found most interesting. Remember: you can submit your proposal anytime you want! If you submit before May, please email your instructor for advanced review.

flow chart for java if and while statements

Complete your final project and documentation

Due Date: Saturday, 12 May @ morning light

Once your final project has been designed, implement the steps you laid out in your proposal. Compile all the relevant documents and share them using our universal sharing guide.

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